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  • Multiple scratching posts

  • Multi-level condos

  • Personal bed and litter box

  • Optional complete privacy suites away from other cats

  • Vet staff on hand if needed

  • 30-minute daily playtime + cuddle sessions with staff

  • Fan for constant air flow, air purifier and heating/AC

  • Floor to ceiling condos to ensure safety and privacy for the cats

  • Items in the store 10% if being used during the cat’s stay

  • Personalized experience for each cat based on their personality and what they like (eg. Shy
    kitties, vocal kitties, cuddly kitties, aggressive kitties)

  • Owners can pay for premium litter (walnut, odour buster) (we will use tidy cats)

  • Check in: 3pm-5pm
    Check out: 9am-11am

To know more about our packages and pricing, please call 905-838-0100


  •  Choice of bringing your own food or purchase our food at extra cost

  • Daily treats optional at extra cost

  • Vet staff on hand for medicine renewal or treatment, trained staff for the feeding of medicine

  • Water fountain optional at extra cost


  • Litter changed twice daily

  • Food and water bowls cleaned and sanitized daily

  • Fresh water three times daily

  • Each room (in use) sanitized every 2 days

  • All toys cleaned after use


  • Grooming services available at extra cost

  • Extra 30 mins of playtime

  • Option to buy toys in store for 10% off.

  • Photos and Surveillance packages available

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